Price list

Full body clay cocoon
Superboost Therapies


Thavma Therapy                            $120

Take advantage of EFFECTOX, in your Thavma Therapy. It is an innovative treatment that reduces contractions in the skin to eliminate expression lines and restore skin suppleness. Protects against biological aging and photoaging. 1.5 hrs


Apocalypse Therapy                    $120

A medium  depth chemical peel treatment for rapid skin cell regeneration. Strong exfoliating and regeneration ingredients.  The synergy of Phytopeeling and AHA acids provides highly efficient results against wrinkles, discolouration, scaring and regulates oiliness and acne. 1.5 hrs

Chronos Therapy                           $120

Customized treatment aimed at preventing aging damage using 3D technology  to control aging:
HRDRA SYSTEM: increases the skin moisture levels with 2 types of hyaluronic acid. ANTIAGING SYSTEM: Stimulates the skin’s collagen and elastin production and fibroblast function.  ANTIOXIDANT SYSTEM:  Contributes to the skin’s antioxidant shield. 1.5 hrs

Nails & Feet

Gel or Shellac colour                        $15

Foot Spa                                              $60

Massage chair, foot soak, clay mask, cut, file, cuticle care, exfoliation of heels, foot massage, buff and paint.

Pedicure                                              $40

File, cut, shape, buff polish.

Manicure                                             $40

File, cut, shape, cuticle care, hand massage, oil buff or paint.

Shellac or Gel paint removal           $15

Body Polish                                      $100

Blissful body exfoliation using your choice of scented scrubs followed by a relaxation massage that balances and hydrates tired and stressed out skin leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and replenished. 1 hr


Exfoliating Detox Clay Cocoon,  $140

A combination of detoxification products draw toxins from the body. Includes body polish (as above), clay cocoon body mask and moisturise. Leaving skin smoother, softer and tighter. Finished with a moisturising massage. 1.5 hrs

Excfoliating Scrubs & Wraps




Multivitamin                                        $120
Plumping, cell renewing, fine line reduction multi serum. 1.5 hours


Teen                                                        $80
For young troubled skin. 1 hour

His Face                                                 $80
Suit to skin type. 1 hour

Whitening                                              $90
For pigmentation. 1 hour

Hyaluronic                                             $90
For the driest of skin conditions. 1 hour

Mini Facial                                              $50
For a little time out to renew. 30 mins

AHA Peel                                                $50
Can be added to most facials. 

Gentle yet effective formulas are able to exfoliate, hydrate, smooth and purify your skin while stimulating collagen production.

All facials come with warm towel wrap and head, neck and shoulder massage.



Hot Stone  30 mins                           $50

Hot Stone  1 hr                                   $80

Hot Stone ritual      1 ½ hrs             $140

Smooth, heated stones are placed on your body and used to massage your body to induce deep relaxation and release muscle tension.

Swedish   30 mins                             $50

Swedish    1 hr                                    $80

Helps de-stress and loosen up the body and mind. Deeply calming.

Remedial                                            $80

To relieve aching muscles, 1 hr

Deep Tissue   1 hr                              $90

Aromatherapy   1 hr                         $80

Pregnancy    1 hr                               $80

Relaxing    1 hr                                  $80

One hour Massage with Cupping  $90

A deep tissue massage that helps with pain relief, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and wellbeing. 

Brow & Lashes


Eyelash Extensions - Full set          $90

Eyelash Extensions - Cluster           $60

Eyelash Strip                                       $25

Brow Tint                                             $15

Lash Tint                                              $15


1 hour Treatment                                      $90

**Take $10 off Dermabrasion when combined with a facial**                                     


Brow Wax                                             $15

Lip Wax                                                 $10

Chin Wax                                              $15

Full Face Wax                                      $40

Underarm Wax                                    $20

Full Arm Wax                                       $40

Bikini Wax                                            $25

Bikini Thin Strip Wax                        $40

Brazilian Wax                                      $55

Full Leg Wax                                        $60

3/4 Leg Wax                                         $45

1/2 Leg Wax                                         $35


Brow Wax                                             $15

Neck Wax                                             $15

Chest Wax                                            $60

Back  Wax                                            $60

Arm Wax                                              $50

Full Leg Wax                                        $70

1/2 Leg Wax                                         $45

Single Treatment                                    $150

Double Treatment Package                  $290

Triple Treatment Package                    $420

Spray Tan  - All Shades

Naked Tan, 2 hours, wash and             $40

Naked Tan, wash and wear in 20         $40


Black Magic Tan, 2 hours, wash and   $40


Pamper Packages

Packages can cater for one or two people together


Rejuvenation Package  - 2.5 hours   $190
Starting with a hydrotherpay spa, one hour Signature facial, half hour Swedish Massage, Brow Wax and Tint, Lash Tint

Time Out Package - 2 hours    $165
Starting with a hydrotherpay spa, half hour facial, half hour Massage, Brow  Wax and Tint, Lash Tint


Sunshine Package - 1.5 hours    $120

Starting with a hydrotherpay spa, one hour Coconut Body Scrub, Milk Massage


Mother To Be Package (after 36 weeks) - 2 hours    $170

One hour Pregnancy Massage, Foot Spa, Manicure


Total Indulgence Package - 4 hours   $350

Starting with a hydrotherpay spa, one hour Signature Facial, one hour Swedish Massage, Foot Spa, Manicure, Eye Brow Wax and Tint, Lash tint

Party Packages

Our Party Packages are available for groups of three or more. You're welcome to bring along refreshments including wine and food.

You and your friends are welcome to enjoy the hydrotherapy spa, wander our lush gardens and make yourself at home for the duration of your treatments as a group - the larger the group, the longer your stay.

Rejuvenation Party Package - $160 per person


Hydrotherapy spa, 1 hour facial, half hour massage