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About Us

Welcome to Indigo Day Spa Retreat!
Our retreat is located just 5 minutes from the stunning Crescent Head on the Mid North Coast in a serene Balinese inspired location on 20 acres. The area is fully landscaped with elegant statues and water features in sight from wherever you stand! The extensive verandas allow guests to enjoy bushland views and the landscaped dam. During winter, enjoy massages by the fireplace, or relax in the 101 jet magnesium spa as calming music allows you to float away from reality. 

Air conditioned in summer, wood fire in winter, Indigo Day Spa is the perfect venue for you at all times of the year.

To find us, head along Crescent Head Road and follow the sign posts to Beranghi Road, following for 1km and turning left into the entrance of Indigo Day Spa... Where your relaxation begins. Venture into the secluded retreat and head through the gate onto the veranda, ready to be cleansed of all the stress that life holds. 

The spa was hand-built by owner Michelle and is luxuriously decorated to make all guests feel welcome, relaxed and away from home. The balinese style allows guests to forget they are in Crescent Head and drift into their own world away from the business and stress. Indigo Day Spa Retreat aims to make all feel welcome no matter your age, gender or size with treatments that will make everyone feel amazing!

We look forward to seeing you at Indigo Day Spa Retreat.